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The Champions Forever Tour has three goals:

1. Provide fans an opportunity to meet their favorite boxing champions and Hall of Famers

2. Provide former world champions and retired fighters a platform for leveraging championship status to support fundraising for worthy charitable causes

3. Provide support, income, and exposure for retired fighters and world champions

The goal of the Champions Forever Tour is to provide in-kind support via celebrity appearances to charitable organizations. We hope that the image of world champion fighters, standing together outside the ring, in opposition to bullying and in support of positive organizations helping people and bettering lives will send a strong message.  Causes supported include:

Anti-Bullying – Bullying is the use of force or coercion, either physical or emotional, aggressively, verbally imposing domination or intimidation over another individual or group of individuals.  School bullying occurs between peers in school, and is most prevalent in middle grades six through nine.   One study reports that as many as 70% of middle and high school students have experienced bullying in school.  School bullying received significant attention due to a rise in bullying-related deaths among school children and the publication of several “death videos” by teenagers on YouTube.  The Champions Forever Tour supports causes that 1) promote awareness of school bullying and 2) sponsor legislation designed to protect bullying and potential bullying victims.

Boxing Gyms in Inner Cities – Research shows that after-school activities promote children’s independence from their parents, teamwork, maturity, leadership, and other skills invaluable in life.  More importantly, after school activities provide a substitute for negative peer groups, including gangs, that promote drugs, sex, and violent behavior.  According to one YMCA study, teens that do not participate in one or more after school activities are three times more likely to skip classes and use drugs than teens that do participate, and are also more likely to drink, smoke and engage in sexual activity.  The Champions Forever Tour will donate funding to existing inner city boxing gyms, as well as capital to start new gyms, focused on serving high risk and urban youth.

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